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 Known from my 5 year gig on Home + Garden Television, HGTV, I live + work in New York City designing beautifully comfortable homes.        


Exposed to the high + low as seen through the eyes of my Clients + Vendors, I'm extremely fortunate to be invited into their private spaces. Constantly reminded of how our surroundings are so uniquely personal + affect us so profoundly, fuels the passion for my creativity.  Living with style can be easily attained with the guidance of a trained eye + resourceful approachable Designer.

As a boutique firm, we are available to work with you one-on-one either in person or remotely via the phone/web. I offer many levels of interior design, renovation, project management, purchasing + consultation services.  Please visit my firm's website for a formal introduction.

Here on my Blog, I offer a casual insight into the New York City Interior Design scene.  Parties ~ product launches ~ trade only events ~ charity happenings ~ etc.  You're invited to subscribe to our musings + follow at your choice of design venues listed below.  

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Putting A Water Fountain inside Your Home


 If you’re one of those people who is thinking about putting a water fountain inside your home but haven’t quite settled on the idea, then this article is for you. Water fountains provide a unique decor option not found in the majority of homes, but the benefits of having one in your home don’t stop there. Indoor fountains also have the potential to offer psychological as well as health benefits.

            An indoor fountain draws both the eye and the ear, so fountains can be the centerpiece of any room. You might think of fountains as too big to put in your home, but fountains come in many sizes, from man sized, to small enough to fit on an end table. Because there are so many styles to choose from, finding the right fountain to match your home’s interior is assuredly feasible. A fountain can be life to a space, bringing out the surrounding values of your home’s style and breathing new life into a room. When you think of decor, you probably think of what you can see. Why stop with what you can see when you can improve on what you can hear. The sound of flowing water coming from an indoor fountain adds that little extra effect that is missing in so many home decor options.

            The benefits of the sound of flowing water don’t stop at style, either. Flowing water can induce in you feelings of peace and relaxation. So much of our world today is filled with sounds of the mechanical and artificial. Cars rumble past us as we walk in uncomfortable shoes on hard pavement, the straight lines of cubicles and subdivisions surround us on all sides, and a lot of the food we eat comes from cardboard and plastic packaging. Our routines can be as rigid as our surroundings, lending to feelings of unease and entrapment. An indoor water fountain breaks all of these molds, giving a freeing quality to the end of your day when you come in the door from a long day at work and hear the natural sound of water falling into water.

            Aside from the psychological and interior design advantages, indoor water fountains are also believed to give real health benefits to their owners. One of the most irrefutable assets of a fountain is that it acts as a humidifier. As water flows, it evaporates into the surrounding air, making the space more livable. Getting rid of dry air can mean getting rid of bloody noses and dry throats.  A fountain, unlike a purpose made humidifier, won’t grow mildew or mold, because a fountain’s water is always moving.

In addition, the movement of water produces negative ions, which are thought to decrease pollution in the air caused by dust and electronic devices by binding with invisible to the naked eye particles. This is thought to have a positive effect on mood and overall health.

Now that you know the benefits of owning an indoor fountain of your own, what are you waiting for?

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